Immigration & International Students

We are all immigrants. This nation and the State of Indiana was created by immigrants on stolen indigenous people’s land.

Both in the past and in the present day, some international peoples come to make a new home while others come only to work or study.


The United States of America has a history of welcoming some immigrants and treating others with disdain. Some immigrants were legally excluded from coming to the United State (Chinese), deported (Mexicans), or forced into camps (Japanese) all solely because of their race. 

Some businesses have encouraged and benefitted from the cheap labor of immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants.


 Individuals of certain backgrounds, especially Latinx, are often assumed to be undocumented. People frequently depict undocumented individuals negatively using racist language and stereotypes, even if there is no proof to these stereotypes

Indiana State University has a history of international students that come from all over the world to attend ISU. Like the nation, these students are a part of the University’s rich history

Student groups on campus offered immigrants, native-born, and international students an opportunity to maintain and share culture.

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