Greetings From...Travel Through the Centuries

Travel is engrained in humans. we travel to explore, we travel to relax, and we travel to discover new things.  For centures people ventured, for the most part, only a few miles from their homes and usually by foot or horseback; however with the advent of ships capable of traversing leagues of open ocean, locomotives and automobiles that could cover hundreds of miles in a few days, and airplanes that crossed the globe in a few hours the world was truly opened up for all human beings.  This exhibit explores how travel has evolved over the centuies through personal accounts and images that doucment and reflect people's ideas of what the world was like, and why people continue to wander the globe today.  Come explore with us and perhaps recount your own adventures away from home by writing a post card and dropping it in the Special Collections mailbox.


Kendra McCrea and Cinda May