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Who Was ISU Football?

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Many of the traditions of ISU football would no be possible with out the coaches, players, and facilities that made it possible.  

Most of the early football coaches also served as Men's Physical Education teachers and coached for a variety of other sports including baseball, basketball, and track. Several of the more notable examples of individuals that coached a variety of sports at ISU included: Walter "Wally" Marks, Arthur Strum, and Bill Jones. It was coaches like these men that often served as inspiration for ISU football players, several of whom made pro.

In addition to making pro, several also became inducted into the ISU Hall of Fame, including the entire 1984 Football team, though not always for football.  Like coaches, early football players often played both football and other sports.  For some like Junius "Rainey" Bibbs who was early African American football and baseball player for ISU in the 1930s, fame came from his career in baseball rather than football. 

For some of the earliest coaches and players, football fields were difficult to come by.  The University has had several gridirons, including two fields that bore the name Parsons.  Another one of the university's early field was donated by Anton Hulman Jr. around 1945 and developed with funding by the by the General Assembly.  Eventually sold to the Vigo County School Corporation, the university purchased and renovated the city-owned Memorial Statium in 1967.  Adding astro-turf to the field during the stadium's renovation, ISU became one of the world's first university owned outdoor facilty with astro-turf.