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The Gridiron

Parson Field

Parson Field

Parsons Field served as ISU's first athletic fields for baseball and football games.  Two locations bore the name Parsons, the first field located on South 17th Street was sold only six years after its purchase as the school in 1909 worked to improve their new Parsons Field located off of 2nd Street. Both were named after ISNS president William Wood Parsons.

"The old rolling mill site, bounded on the north by the Big Four railroad, on the west by First street, on the south by Vandalia railroad and on the east by Second street, is undergoing rapid transformation into our new Parsons Field. The rough grading has been completed and Professors Kelso, Higgins and Baxter of the Department of Mathmatics assisted by members of the trigonomety class spent Friday and Saturday, Octover 15-16, surveying the grounds, setting the grade stakes and preparing data for the contractors. The job of completing the grounds will be let at once and we may expect to see the field completed this fall. The field is of regulation size, within easy access of the Normal school grounds and when completed will give a new life to athletics at I.S.N." (Exerpt from the Normal Advance Octover 1909)

Aerial shot of Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium was built by the City of Terre Haute in 1921 as a tribute to World War I casualities.  Bought by the University and renovated in the 1960s, the Archway is the only part remaining from the original stadium.  

"Tonight is an historic and happy moment for Indiana State University, and we are delighted that you are here to share this moment with us.  A facility such as this Memorial Stadium and the many possibilities it offers has long been needed and is important to the University's growth and development programs.  This facility can contribute much to the University's intercollegiate and intramural athletic programs and other University events as well as to local high school football games and other community events."  

Exerpt from President Alan C. Rankin's speech at the September 16, 1967 Pre-game Ceremony