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Sycamore Football Coaches

Glenn Curtis, David Glascock, Football coach Arthur Strum  and Paul Wolf of the Men's Physical Education Department

Glenn Curtis, David Glascock, coach Arthur Strum, and Paul Wolf


1897-R. Clark, Manager


1901-1902, 1904-John P. Kimmell, Faculty

1909-Dr. McCarthy

Coach Walter E. Marks

Walter E. Marks on right


      (There was no football team between 1910 and 1920)

      1921-Ray Hanna

      1923-1926, 1932, 1942-Arthur L. Strum

Coach Bill Jones

Coach Bill Jones


      1927-1930, 1933-1941, 1946-1948-Walter 'Wally' Marks

      1931-Rob Goodlad

      1949-1950-George Ashworth

      1951-1954, 1956-Mark Dean

      1955-Paul Siege

      1957-1965-Bill Jones

      1951-1954, 1956-Mark Dean

      1955-Paul Siege

Coach Raetz



1957-1965-Bill Jones

1966-1972-Jerry Huntsman

1973-1977-Tom Harp

1978-1979-Dick Jamieson

1980-1997-Dennis Raetz

1998-2004-Tom Mcguire

2005-2007-Lou West

2008-Present-Trent Miles