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Officers of the Y.W.C.T.U (Young Women Christian Temperance Union)

Young Women's Christian Temperance Union, 1897

Normal Advance

When ISU first opened its doors in 1870 as the Indiana State Normal School (ISNS), it was a school for teachers.   Even in the school’s early days, students yearned to come together in groups, starting ISNS’s first student organizations.  Yet these first organizations were not always school-based student organizations.  Some groups were part of national non-school organizations, like the Young Women’s Christian Association or the anti-alcohol group, the Young Women’s Christian Temperance Union.  Other organizations started as debate or literary groups, such as Forum which started as a debate society.  Though some of these first organizations eventually dissolved, some transitioned into social or academic student-focused organizations, such as Forum’s transformation into ISU’s first fraternity.