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<em>Gamma Phi Beta</em>

Gamma Phi Beta pledges, 1964

The 1960s and 1970s saw many changes for the school, and in the student experience. The Trike Race, one of ISU’s longest-standing Homecoming traditions, started in the 1960s. Since Reeve Hall women and Parsons Hall men first crossed the finish line in 1963, the Homecoming trike race has become a mainstay competition for student groups at ISU.  Only a few years after this tradition started, Indiana State College became a full-fledged University, changing its name to Indiana State University. Partially a reflection of this change in status, campus leaders started the Blue Berets, a student group designed to chauffer and assist with important events.  Started in 1967, women, donned in blue skirt suits and wearing blue berets, worked alongside men in blue suits to help during ISU functions.