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Hoopla-Hulman Memorial Student Union Board, 2015

courtesy of Tony Campbell

Since 2000, ISU students have seen both the continuation of organizations and traditions as well as changes.  Older competitions, like the Trike and Tandem races, continue to be popular with newer traditions, such as Sycamore Sync, being introduced.  Though competitions continue, the groups competing have changed.  While student organizations, especially social and Greek societies continue to participate in competitions, it is far less likely to see residence halls participate in Trike, Tandem, Campus Revue, and Songfest.  Today, students are also creating new organizations that reflect the activism and interests of the era.  Presently, students can join groups interested in live role play, sports, dance, fashion, and art or join groups that seek to make the world better, like groups that work to bring public awareness about racism, invisible disabilities, or mental health.