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Protests lead to Slow Change

Employee cleaning "Strike" graffiti


Pressure to change Residence Hall policy regarding coed visitation and drinking occured at the same time as tension and protests over Civil Rights issues.  By the 1960s, segregated Residence Halls ceased to be the norm, however racial tention remained over a myriad of racial concerns on campus.  NAACP demands that fraternities stop using black-face in Campus Revue skits, as well as protests and demands for a African American cultural center, which just two events in the 1960s and 1970s.   

One protest combined Civil Rights issues other student concerns.  When the "Maginficent Seven" took over V.P. Kenneth Moutlon's office in 1969, one early demand was flexible visitation in Residence Halls in addition to an African American center. While administrative efforts to meet some of these demands cooled tension, an incident in 1970 outside of a Residence Hall spurred several days of campus unrest.