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More Dormitories

Construction of Cromwell and Blumberg Halls


The demand for higher eduction created space issues at ISU during the 1960s, leading to overcrowded rooms and more dormitories.  With more students entering college, ISU expanded, opening six new Residence Halls between 1966 and 1968. 

This expansion eventually ended, leading to the repurpose and planned demolition of the Statesman Towers built during the late 1960s: Colfax, Marshall, Fairbanks, and Hendricks Halls.  The new Reeve Hall dedicated on August 27, 2014, is the first new Residence Hall since the late 1960s. Named after the former Residence Hall Director and Dean of Women, Helen Reeve, the new Reeve Hall took the name of the school's first Residence Hall that was demolished back in 1998.