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MUS113 Syllabus.pdf
Course description from ISU Undergraduate Catalog:
Study of the elements of music theory, covering pitch, rhythm, scales, intervals, basic harmony, melody, voice leading, and diatonic triads in functional harmony. Note: Two class hours a week.

202 Lab and Online Schedule of Topics Fall 2017.pdf
Principles of human growth and development, patterns and sequences of development, individual differences, adult-child interaction. Methods of study of human development.

202 f17 syllabus sec 18.pdf
Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence, EPSY 202 is an introduction to the study of child development from an interdisciplinary perspective from conception through adolescence. It examines development in the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional…

MUS113 Syllabus.pdf
Course description from ISU Undergraduate Catalog: Companion course to 111, with skills applied through sight singing, ear training, and keyboard activities. Notes: Three class hours a week.

Syllabus for UNIV 110-State Works Venita(4).pdf
Course Description:
The purpose of this course is to help students make a successful transition into the University while balancing college and work by introducing concepts and values of a university education; by fostering a sense of tradition,…





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