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Travel exhibition booklet which was at the Indiana State University Turman Art Gallery

Indiana State University Art Gallery exhibit description sheet

Page from the PAC Highlights : Modern and Contemporary Works form Indiana State University's Permanent Art Collection.

Page from Indiana State University Art Gallery- Celebrating 200 Years of Indiana Art exhibit booklet

University Art Gallery exhibit postcard

Flyer for event at ISU

Acrylic, pencil, ink, and found paper on Songbook

Paul Valadez grew up in a Mexican American household in Stockton, California where Spanish was used to hide things from him. Being disconnected from parts of his identity at home contributed to…

woodcut on paper

O Casamento de Jose e Maria is a love story for all. The print is a part of her Dating series that she created when she, herself, was in the grips of love and courting her partner. Through the use of the names Jose and Maria,…

DOC/UNDOC is a gorgeous manual to protect against racism and a travel guide for safe travels across borders. Part book, printmaking, performance art, poetry, video art, and toolkit, Peña and Rice offer an explosively tactile and visually seductive…

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