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Group photograph at the Delta Lamba Sigma dance.

Adrian Tió - De Tres Raices Root of Three.jpg
relief and letterpress on paper

Tió’s parents moved to Indiana from Puerto Rico and while he studied art at Temple University and the Tyler School of Art, his earlier teaching career brought him back to Indiana where he taught at Indiana State…


Group photograph of the Young Women's Christian Association chapter at Indiana State Normal School

Group photograph of the officers Young Women Christian Temperance Union, an organization against alcohol.

Men's Social Club - November 1898.jpg
Collage of the Men's Social Club.

Sophomore Class Play - April 1901.jpg
Photograph from the sophomore class play.

The Forum - p192 - 1903.jpg
Group photograph of the debate?men's group, the Forum

African Global Night flyer sponsored by the African Student Union, an organization for international students from Africa.

Book cover

Albert Contraras - Aerial Symphony 07A.AC.01 0152774.jpg
acrylic on canvas over board

Contreras began his artistic career steeped in the Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism of the 1960s and 70s. He traveled Europe, finding success in places like Sweden. By 1972 he had stopped painting and returned to…
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