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Cuban Refugee 1.tif
newspaper clipping with image of a Cuban man, wife, and two children sitting at a table.

Black and white photograph of teenagers playing table tennis on four tables in the Laboratory School gymnasium.

A Black and white photograph of an African American girl in a sweater in mid-jump with a jump rope.

Black and white photograph of a group of children playing jump rope in the Lab School gym, with a couple of adults in the gymnasium.

Black and white photograph of a toddler attempting to catch or dribble a basketball on a basketball court.

Black and white photograph of a boy shooting a basketball at a hoop inside a the Laboratory School while a White boy watches on.

Black and white photograph of a girl hitting a baseball.

Wooden horn book with text beneath plastic cover

Brown book cover with black text and black fleur design. In the center is a small image of a viking ship within a circle.

Booklet cover with blue top and bottom and yellowish-tan color in the center. The center has drawings of 2clocks, 2 sycamore leaves, sun behind cloud, a school hallway, front doors, and a close of the top portion of a persons face.
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