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Off-white invitation and envelope for the Commencement Exercises for the High School with a white card with the name "Jane Elizabeth Cunningham"

Basketball team in warmup clothes sitting on bleacher with coach sitting in a suit and a toddler in a matching warmup sitting on the lap of his father in the front row.

Black and white photograph of children sitting at desks, on the floor in the center of the room, and standing at the chalk board diligently working.

Black and white photograph of a White female teacher sitting on a chair reading to elementary students sitting on the floor around her.

Black and white Photograph of Children and adults walking on the sidewalk outside the University/Laboratory School with some adults sitting on folding chairs on the grass.

Pic-one on one90s.jpg
Black and white photograph of a White teacher standing next to a white student at their desk, assisting them with their work.

Black and White photograph of students and teachers surrounding two computers facing each other.

Very long and thing document with two columns of text for most of the document.

special olympics.jpg
Black and White photograph of two white children, one holding a torch, stand next to the lite torch.

HC Parade.jpg
Black and White elephant parade float with toys surrounding it moving in front of a store with White and Black children near the float.
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