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Preserving Your Memories

To preserve the items uploaded into the ISU Omeka site, the staff of the ISU archives must save the original uploaded image.  Original copies of digital material are placed in a secure server and a production copy is created.  This copy is the one that will be placed online for individuals to see. This ensures that if the copy online degrades over time, a secure, unedited copy exists in a secure location.  All digital archives material contain a production copy for usage and an original copy in secured storage.  


To ensure that material in the secured storage are maintained, the server is occasionally backed up and several checks are performed on the files both before and occasionally while they are in storage.  These checks ensure that there are no viruses in the digital material and allow us to check whether an alteration or degradation has occurred on the digital item. 


As technology continues to change, the ISU Archives will be tasked with altering the production copy of the digital items to ensure that the files are usable in changing technology.  This will mean format migration as the image etc. format may no longer be a viable, usable format on future computers/technology.