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Why is my contribution not online immediately?

We preserve the files for the archives before making the images available for public view.

Why is my organization/event not listed among the different collections?

There are so many past and present organizations and events on campus that we selected current organizations and events that we have images for, as well as notable past events/organizations (for example the long-running Campus Revue) to initially place on-line.  We are counting on the ISU community to help make this site a more comprehensive reflection of the University by requesting additional organizations and events to add to our collection lists.  Just contact us and we can add your group or activity to the collection list so you can add your images:

 What does it mean to add my image to the site?

 As the original creator of your work, you hold the copyright.  By putting it on our site, you are allowing others to view the images and allowing Indiana State University Archives to digitally preserve your material.  

 What kind of content can I add to ISU’s Omeka Site?

You can add photos, audio, and video files as well as a written memorable experience at ISU.